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New Identity

We offer a service for people who, for whatever reason, would like to change their identity. Some people need to do this because they have personal or financial issues. This is a completely legal service for people who are in a difficult situation.

We can help you to even hide at your address by diverting all your personal mail to a virtual office where all your mail can be easily accessed.

We can make arrangements to change your name so you can legally obtain a new name.

Although this may seem like a desperate step it is completely legal.  It may be that there are things in your past that you wish to hide from.

A change of name is an effective way of avoiding debt collectors, bailiffs, stalkers and officials to name but a few.

Our experts in Wigan will be pleased to assist you.

The key to protecting your privacy is to hide yourself and your assets. This will involve concealing where you live so you cannot be put under surveillance.

Credit card bills, bank statements etc give away your address which is the main thread to finding out about you.

We can help you to avoid process servers, if they are unable to find you to serve papers, the courts are not interested in civil matters such as CCJs. If they don’t know where you are they may give up looking due to costs.

The fees for these services vary depending on how much you wish to protect your privacy.

Please give us a call to discuss how we can guide you.






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